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Potential New Changes coming for WA Workplace Health & Safety

Whether you manage a retail store in a department complex in a CBD or are the foreman on a rural manufacturing site, keeping up with the latest in work health and safety practices is important for all Australian business owners. Those in Western Australia are about to experience a new round of consultation on a new policy, which could be vital to pay attention to. Last month, WA Commerce Minister Michael Mischin announced the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Bill 2014, which would remain open to public comment until the end of January next year. "The state government is keen to develop the best legislation suitable to the Western Australian working environment," he said as he tabled the bill in parliament on October 23. Changes in the proposed legislation include the removal of red tape regarding record-keeping, as well as a separation of the terms 'worker' and 'volunteer'. Mr Mischin acknowledged that workplace injuries and deaths had declined since the introduction of workplace safety...
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