Movexx T1000 RVS


Standard Unit Provided with Battery indicator, CE- mark, Adjustable height, Second Speed, Basis Module, Battery, Battery Charger, Stainless Steel Engine Cover, Non Marking Wheels.


Movexx T1000-RVS

Driver:DC motor 24v, 300W
Pulling Capacity:1000 kg
Regulator:Speed and acceleration are freely programmable
Battery:Removable 24 Volt, 18 Ah, 14 kg
Tires:Massif round 250 x 85
Weight:43 kg total
Frame:Stainless Steel
Width: 440 mm
Length:600 mm
Height: 750-1150 mm
Fold in height: 770 mm
Standard provided with:Battery indicator, CE- mark Adjustable adze, Second Speed, Base Module, Battery, Batterycharger, Stainless Steel Engine-cover, Non-Marking Wheels
Options:Second battery, Horn, Special hooks, etc.
DescriptionT1000 RVS
Dimensions (mm)440 x 600 x 750-1150mmH


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